Saturday, 14 November 2015

(6) Terror


In a time where the world is looking at Paris France, I wonder about how the media is ruling us.
I hear that what happened is terrible, unforgettable, and there I am sitting in my home refusing to watch the media feeding the world! Why? Well I better ask you: why not?
Why should we know what bad people do to good others? What is the good in that?
Is there something we can do about it? Can we change the fact after the matter?
That answer is NO, we are helpless watchers, crying for others that suffered, feelings of dread for what the world is becoming.

Does it do us any good? Again the answer is NO, it is out of our circle of control. All we can do is be a good person, and give an example for others to follow or not.

I never liked newspapers, never liked watching the world thru the window that stood in the corner of our living room. As a kid I already understood that there was no point in following things that were going on in the world. 
I never understood the fascination of my father who watched every news flash to get every insight on any matter of his interest. It seemed to me that was his hobby. Since he couldn´t act to make things better, or change the way people behaved. And the damned politicians that never seem to understand the things my father understood while debating with the family. Yeah my father was a side line watcher… knowing everything better… if only he could rule the world…

Why did the people in world history do the terrible things they did? 
Some were for sure crazy, some we so crazy they became dreamers and were believed by many. But most of all the evil do-ers were driven by the way they saw God, or saw a way to heaven by sacrificing themselves or the others. People call this way of thinking religion, which is not correct! It has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with a contorted image of God and what it means to love God. Religion is just a tool and often a very useful one.

I wonder if it would interest a terrorist to bomb a city if he would get no airplay, no media attention… 
Is it not so that by focussing on events like this another terrorist gets a motivation to do it again? Are we helping people or do we give the terror reason to live and die for their cause over and over again? I really wonder if we know what we are doing when we follow events like this in the media! And so intensely!

So just call me crazy because I refuse to see what happens in the world. It was just that all of a sudden people on Facebook were talking about what happened this week, and for reasons I don´t get all had to change there profile foto to become colored with the French national. There are a lot of things I don´t understand, and thats okay. I don´t have to.
I live my simple, or not so simple, live and do whatever I feel is good for the world as a whole.
If just all that people would do that in stead of being terrorized by images from the media…

If you can change it, change it
If you can´t change it, leave it. 
Unknown author.


Sunday, 11 October 2015

(5) The Mighty Shower…

Fact: out of a modern shower head comes 7 liters of water per minute…
Some people swear they only shower for 5 minutes… well if that is true they probably shower two times a day which make the average the same as the normal 10 minutes showering everybody else does, right?
A minimum of 70 liters pure water goes down that drain every day.
I am not sure if everybody showers every day though. Nowadays it is very common to do, but I am sure the average is less frequent. Twice a week, once a week maybe?
Why do we shower?
- to get clean - to feel refreshed
The first one suggest you could not get clean with just local washing, which is totally untrue!
The feeling of refreshing is no doubt true and there is no substitute for it as far as I know. 
But is the feeling of refreshing worth the spilling of 70 liters of drinking water? And addrd up the energy that was needed to heat up the water. Nature pays a toll for your feeling of freshness! I wonder if people that call themselves conscious and aware, can get away with stating its okay to keep doing it.


Last year I met a lady that lived in our ecovillage for some years and had moved out. She lived in a house without a shower, but had running water and heating. She once told me that she gladly came here to get a shower, because it was a few weeks ago she had had one…
Yes I did hear it correctly but my mind was still trying to make sense of the things I heard.
No shower for a few weeks? Is that even possible?
And no, she was not smelly or looking like a bag-lady! It seemed she found a way to cope with the lack of having a shower.
Interesting! Right?

The little scientist in me could not resist doing an experiment on the matter.
Local washing with a sponge, and a weekly hair wash in a bowl filled with not more than 10 liters of warm water.
Wow! It worked! And for some reason I did not even had to use soap that often. My theory is that soap removes a lot of good bacteria that normally work to keep you from smelling. Without soap the balance is undisturbed and you will not smell… you don´t believe me now do you? Well its true! Don´t take my word for it, test it on yourself!
In the beginning I was very critical on how I smelled, and of course sometimes I did smell like sweat. On the other hand did I smell other people that took a shower every day, they smelled way worse! 
In the past I do remember that sometimes when I came out of the shower and did some heavy work after that, I smelled like sweat very bad! I almost took another shower! This proves that the natural conditions are disturbed by washing, or that washing is useless. Either way it make one think about our habits.


Showering is a habit from the last century, lets not forget that!
Were we dirty and not caring about how we smelled? There is some truth in how we changed our acceptance of smell. And that change is in my opinion not for the better. We created something unnatural. We started to mask our smell by deodorants, body lotion and perfume. Now we deal with people smelling like flowers or something.
Unnatural I say! People should smell like people!!! 

Sure I agree that my experiment run wild, and as I write this I did not shower for eight months! And feel great and fresh!
I am proud to have been able to make a change for Gaia by refusing to spill water that gave life to this planet! Water is life! Water is sacred!
Call me crazy, or praise me for having the courage to act where others just talk.

If I add the use of my compost toilet, which saves on a daily basis a minimum of 20 liters pure water, I save 90 liters every day! 32.850 liters per year!         
Now that I have your attention: do you know a washing machine uses 60 liters per laundry?
And no I am not suggesting to not wash your clothes! But be smart and don´t allow it to run with just a few T-shirts in it. Just load it to the maximum. Being aware is not scary, its fun! Be proud of yourself to be able to make the change!

PS washing your car… 200 liters per 12 minutes… so stop using the hose, use a bucket instead!

"Water... I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you"

The Ho'opono Pono Prayer


Sunday, 27 September 2015

(4) Size does matter!

Computer games about world forming, starting and managing societies are populair. Starting with a bare land, and building the first house, well… house… lets say it´s a hut for the settlers to live in.
Although I played this kind of games a lot, I still don´t know how something like this starts in real live. 
When the boats from Europe arrived in the America´s it was clear that groups stuck together. People from the same country of origin, or that had the same religion.
When we go back to prehistory these groups were just like a big family, a natural bonding. And for sure they were not a complicated bunch. Everybody thought more or less alike, and could get along with all the others just fine. And if you could not adapt and dared to speak up you became an outcast. So the choice was easy, the outside world was pretty scary, and other clans we not the most welcoming people, so keep your mouth shut. 

Indigenous people have a set of specific rights based on their historical ties to a particular territory. A settler is a person who has migrated to an area and established permanent residence there, often to colonize the area. (WIKI)

The first settlement
With answering this question we come so far back in time that the question of the first man on earth becomes an issue. Oh silly me… I almost forgot that we come from the apes and they came from whatever was before that…
But then an ape-man would have gotten the idea to settle down and build a hut in stead of a nest of sorts. I am not sure the scientists agree upon the how and when that happened.
Normally I don´t go into this subject that much, but because of this article I think I understand why the first man are said to come from Asia and Afrika… its probably because both countries have apes… right? And what was this business with Atlantis? Did we hear something new about that recently? And if that was the real origin, what was before that? Maybe something for another blog entry. :)     

The Term Village
When we look into the subject ´village´ we see a few interesting things:
It is small in size, with a population of a few hundred or thousand.
And the function was not only social but also for defense. 
I read that in Great Britain you earned the name village when you would build a church… 

In the Netherlands a town could get city rights just by asking for it (and probably paying a large sum to the states treasure chest)
For example: The Hague is by all means a city, but it did not get city rights, while the small town called ´s-Gravenzande, where I was born, has these right!
So it is not easy to precisely say what the right name of a place of settlement is.  

For good measure an overview of society size, which may vary per country:
Hamlet - population less than 100
Village - up to a few thousand
Town - smaller than a city… (under 10.000?)
City - bigger than a town… (over 10.000?)
Province - pieces of the homeland that a government cut up as they saw fit. Size: may vary! 
Country - a state with borders which can be either sovereign or non-sovereign. For example: we see England as a country but it is not sovereign because it is a part of the UK.  How big is a country? Or how small can it be to be called a country?! Unknown!

Planet - You can argue about this being a society and how big can it be population wise, or better said when the population surplus is thinking about separating them from the rest. A lot of science fiction films are about finding a new home, and that is normally after we destroyed our own planet. But I am sure the settlement of other planets will happen one day. Just like the Europeans invaded the America´s they will invade other planets. It´s a matter of time.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
Dr. Wayne Dyer