Sunday, 13 September 2015

(2) Old wine... new bags!

I wonder if the people that want to live in an ecovillage realize that they will not sign up for some kind of Utopia. As I understand it, villages like ours are mainly places of healing. If not of the body then of the psyche and the soul. I dare say it is a combination of them all. A place of intense healing! A place of intense living! When we say ´yes´ to places like this we will be tested. Our ego will get the space it needs to let itself known. If we live in such a place, dealing with the ego is our task, if we want it or not.
Nothing is ever easy! And living in an ecovillage is serious work if your not willing to let go of the personality  thinking.

The question many ask us is what an ecovillage really is. Well it is like I said a place of healing, but on the surface it is a place from the past. We try to turn back the clock to a time where big cities did not exist yet. Back then we had villages with maybe a few hundred people living in it, and every thing was eco! The world was pure and there was knowledge about how to grow food in a good way. There was enough work for the locals, unemployment was not yet invented. A simple life with just a few butchers, some bakers, farmers, carpenters, milkmen, etc. People that had some talent would start doing that as a profession and others would offer their services for goods. We had no money, all was exchange of goods and services. Houses were made from material that was locally available. If they had a forest, the houses would be build out of wood. Near a river they would make it out of bricks. 

(Historic village in Lithuania)

To look back as I often do, I wonder how that small world exactly worked. 
Was everybody happy? Was everything evenly shared? I seriously have to look in to it, because I wonder if that system was ideal. What did they do to manage conflict? How did they manage to keep the group together?

If these villages were small like I said, then all of these villages were places of healing! Social drama, living together with people you did not like so much. 
There was a time when the townsfolk just accepted and dealt with the situation as best they could. And then the world became smaller and people moved out in search for a new future. Not realizing that your problems are always in your backpack, wherever you go…
… on the run from life! 
Sooner or later the big cities will loose the interest of their citizens. There will be a driving force in people to leave the city and settle into smaller villages again. Ecovillage’s are invented for this purpose: you might say it is a plus-village. It has an ideal behind it, a thought that was behind all villages of the past. 
Back then you bought your bread from the town baker, the milk came from the cows that walked the local fields, the vegetables came from the fields around the corner of the road. For these people it didn´t make sense to go to another town to buy things: they had everything they needed! Well… thats not totally true, yeah up to a certain point they had enough, but what with the things they did not have? Like that special grain the local farmers did not have, or the materials to build or make clothes, animals for farming, seeds for the crops, exotic herbs?
In this way the towns started cooperating, and on a bigger scale; states and countries. Everything became complex and manual labour became a secondary job. Paperwork, banks, insurances, transport… you name it, all created by the new world that was willing to expand borders.    

Eventually there became the need for money: proof that the exchange system did not work? Or was it to complicated? 
By the time we started using money it all went downhill from there. So what is the solution? Some say we should have some way to register the exchange, ´virtual money´? What is the difference between this and ´money´? Isn´t money already virtual? Interesting!

(All of this was once in the hands of a person who thought to just through it in the ditch near the road... crazy right?!)

Not according to the rules I collected a bit more garbage than usual this week… you can´t imagine how additive this gathering stuff really is!  

“Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious.”

Bill Meyer