Sunday, 20 September 2015

(3) E-cars

And then there was this article I read on internet about electric cars… (Sorry it´s in Norwegian, but I´m sure you can find something else that states the same)
In ecovillage´s there is a trent to promote electric cars in stead for petrol or diesel cars.
In the mentioned article I read some facts that the car salesmen probably don´t say… or does he?

The E-car does not produce Co2, but the power plant that delivers the electricity does, and that is in the worst case a power plant that is running on coal. I am not going into the details, thats not what this blog is about. The meaning of this blog is to ask questions, and promote to think things thru! If you state something you should be able to motivate your answer. To find your truth your heart and mind must be able to say ´yes´ to the idea.
If you ask a E-car owner about the emission of the car, about how much beter it is than a petrol car? What will their answer be? The story the car manufacture told them? The answer they found out by doing some critical research? Or will they say that it is just cool to have an E-car? Suffice to say some look pretty cool indeed!

The mentioned article states that it is not true when people think, that because we live in Norway, we load our 
E-car with electricity that was generated by use of water or wind power. Norway is connected to an European electricity network, and that precious kilowatt we get out of the socket in Norway might be generated in Poland by burning coal or even worst brown coal… 
And if we think that we should not export green energy, the result will be that that infamous power plant has to produce more dirty energy to compensate the marked in the EU… that was before the boycot getting green energy from Norway.

SO how clean is an E-car then? Is it worst than a petrol car if you take everything into account? The report states that with an E-car we go from bad (petrol car) to less bad (E-car). If the result is enough to think you are making a change in the world, is for you to decide. Do your research! There is so much info to be found on the internet!

I remember a time when we as gardeners in the Netherlands were asked to become a part of the powerplant grid. All in the name of efficiency. There was some scepsis because how a small turbine driven on gas could be more efficient than a big turbine? We were told that a powerplant generates heat that can´t be used so it is wasted. In the greenhouse we could use that heat! The powerplant generates Co2 which comes out of the pipe as a wast product. In the greenhouse we can use Co2 to let the plants grow better and faster. Ergo, better efficiency! 

In that time we pumped the exhaust gasses from the central gas driven heaters directly into the greenhouse creating a 2-3 times higher level of Co2 in the air. Normal air contains 400 ppm Co2.   
´Plants require carbon dioxide to conduct photosynthesis. The atmospheres of greenhouses may (if of large size, must) be enriched with additional CO2 to sustain and increase the rate of plant growth. Plants can grow as much as 50 percent faster in concentrations of 1000 ppm CO2 when compared with ambient conditions´ (WIKI)
What nobody is talking about is that since the extreem use of fossil fuel, all the plants in the world grow faster than they did 100 years ago! How about that?! The same happens with the algae in the sea, that for a fact store the carbon faster than they did in the past: the world is adapting to a new situation and always works to restore the balans.

Conclusion: E-cars is a good idea, but we should be modest about the direct effect. E-cars will be a winner when we reduce the fossil fuel powerplants in a big way. 

Co2 is a thing we should worry about but we should not panic since mother earth survived thru many and worse climate changes! The fact on the other hand is that the human race might not survive these changes. How much can we endure? 

The climate change is not about the survival of the planet, it´s about the survival of the human race! We should always be aware of our actions, never stop changing things we know are wrong. Create a world so the future generations have air to breath. Lets not forget that!

"See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see." 

Dr. Wayne Dyer