Sunday, 6 September 2015

(1) International


´Life in an Ecovillage´
From now on this blog will be about the ecovillage experience.
What is an ecovillage?
How is it to live in it?
What does it mean?
What happens to the people that live in it?
The future and past…
And most of all it will be about changing thoughts!

I will write this blog in English because to me that is the universal language of the future. I will not press myself in a corner by writing only about one subject, it will be an organic proces. But it´s fair to say most articles will be about the phenomenon ´ecovillage´.

So… to break the ice I make a sidestep to what I said about English as being so important to the world and its future.
I am convinced that one day all the different languages will disappear and only one will be left. The language of the world! In the world of today we are not in need for our own national words, the world is getting smaller and smaller because of our technology. Already on the internet it is very common to use English, and this will develop naturally into our daily live.
In our ecovillage we welcome every year lots of international visitors. The language is of course English! It´s something that binds us. Although not everyone is able to speak it as good as they would like, we can still communicate. Even if we use our hands to explain ourselves, or use some words from the mother language to try if it may ring a bell in the others. 
Some countries are not very willing to introduce English at school though, or do a poor job in stimulating it. Why is that? Is it fear of losing their nationality? Why is that so fearsome? Are we not children of the world? We belong together, we are one species, the human species!!! Fear is never a good advisor, so hopefully we realize one day that we should try to get closer to our neighbors, to forget about the past and focus on a bright future.

(International? Around this lunch table we have 8 nationalities!)

To speak the same language is in a way to think alike. Where people think alike, groups form. This is commonly called friendship, or cooperation.
In an ecovillage the driving force is how people think about the future of the planet. To make a change by doing something differently than we did before. We made a mess of our world and now we have to stand up and fix it. We must act!

Going with the flow is what mainstream means, but where does this stream go? Does this stream need our support or is it better to unsupport it? Mainstream brought us the world as we see it today. A nightmare we can´t seem to wake up from. Not everybody is discontent with how it goes though. It´s a free world so let them!
For the people that want to wake up, there are many possibilities, but non of them is passive. If we want a change, we have to act! And it seems that the world needs us to act NOW!

`What to do then?´ Seek and you will find is the golden rule.
But ´Sustainable living´ is the main instruction that we can start with today and in every thing you do.
We must be aware of what we do and say ´yes´ to. 
Is there a rule book for sustainable living? No there is not, for everybody it will be different.
`We should become vegan` is what one will say, while the other calls us to stop cutting trees, or spoil the oceans. 
Do what feels right to YOU! 
Stop waisting tapwater is such a small thing we can start with.
For people that became aware it´s impossible to let a tap running while brushing our teeth. I don´t know if people still do that, but it´s a clear example. Or flushing the toilet with all the water the container holds in stead of just the right amount. Doesn´t the toilet have this possibility installed: try to fix it yourself or buy a container that does. I hear people put a simple stone in the container to save some water every time it is used.
Will this save the world? 
Yeah… you know… maybe it does! Because after this small thing you will find something else that could be better and you´ll change that. And so we get involved in the proces of becoming aware of what we do.

(thanks to Jacek to take this picture in our village last week!)

Another example that has the potential to have enormous effect is picking up at least three items of trash when you have a walk. Imagine if everybody would do this! Get over your feeling of being too proud to do it, or embarrassed. You should be proud to be a part of the change, forget about the people that see you being a trash men for them and maybe laugh at you (openly or inside). Maybe, just maybe they will come home later and start to think about what they saw and change their mind about what is right and wrong.
…. how about that?!    

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.”
Mike Murdock