Saturday, 14 November 2015

(6) Terror


In a time where the world is looking at Paris France, I wonder about how the media is ruling us.
I hear that what happened is terrible, unforgettable, and there I am sitting in my home refusing to watch the media feeding the world! Why? Well I better ask you: why not?
Why should we know what bad people do to good others? What is the good in that?
Is there something we can do about it? Can we change the fact after the matter?
That answer is NO, we are helpless watchers, crying for others that suffered, feelings of dread for what the world is becoming.

Does it do us any good? Again the answer is NO, it is out of our circle of control. All we can do is be a good person, and give an example for others to follow or not.

I never liked newspapers, never liked watching the world thru the window that stood in the corner of our living room. As a kid I already understood that there was no point in following things that were going on in the world. 
I never understood the fascination of my father who watched every news flash to get every insight on any matter of his interest. It seemed to me that was his hobby. Since he couldn´t act to make things better, or change the way people behaved. And the damned politicians that never seem to understand the things my father understood while debating with the family. Yeah my father was a side line watcher… knowing everything better… if only he could rule the world…

Why did the people in world history do the terrible things they did? 
Some were for sure crazy, some we so crazy they became dreamers and were believed by many. But most of all the evil do-ers were driven by the way they saw God, or saw a way to heaven by sacrificing themselves or the others. People call this way of thinking religion, which is not correct! It has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with a contorted image of God and what it means to love God. Religion is just a tool and often a very useful one.

I wonder if it would interest a terrorist to bomb a city if he would get no airplay, no media attention… 
Is it not so that by focussing on events like this another terrorist gets a motivation to do it again? Are we helping people or do we give the terror reason to live and die for their cause over and over again? I really wonder if we know what we are doing when we follow events like this in the media! And so intensely!

So just call me crazy because I refuse to see what happens in the world. It was just that all of a sudden people on Facebook were talking about what happened this week, and for reasons I don´t get all had to change there profile foto to become colored with the French national. There are a lot of things I don´t understand, and thats okay. I don´t have to.
I live my simple, or not so simple, live and do whatever I feel is good for the world as a whole.
If just all that people would do that in stead of being terrorized by images from the media…

If you can change it, change it
If you can´t change it, leave it. 
Unknown author.